Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The nose knows

The spousette was out of town this past weekend, and I was feeling at loose ends—OK, lonely—and called sundry chums on Friday in an attempt to set up a dinner party. In the event, only Mary and Eileen had a hole in their schedules, so we were just three on Saturday night, but a jolly trio we were. Napalm the Aged Wonder Dog (seventeen this winter) staggered out to the dining room to check out the guests and then wandered off to spend the rest of the evening in slumber. Ravi the Younger Wonder Dog, perfectly unaware that the day marked exactly one year since he'd landed this gig, posed for a wonderful photograph (above) by Mary Barnsdale, who has an almost preternatural knack for canine photography. I am pleased to post it for the three or four regular readers of this blog.

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