Friday, July 23, 2021

Cinema Geographica


he kid brother and I recently riffed together on the notion of film titles modified with countries/cities/states swapped in. Before we were through (Rand: “Do you suppose that we might be high-functioning autistics after all?” Greg: “I’m thinking”) we came up with about a hundred and fifty of these. Here they are:

India Heat of the Night
A Fish called Rwanda
Sweden Lowdown
The Hungary Games
Where the Buffalo Romania
Mali’s Game
The Yemeni Below
The Long Dubai
Heaven Kuwait
Brexit at Tiffany’s
Citizen Kenya
Who’ll Stop Bahrain
The Big Chile
Ghana with the Wind
Laos Horizon
Babes in Thailand
Norway Out
Johnny Qatar
Saudi, Wrong Number
The Unsinkable Malawi Brown
Belize Rider
Desperately Seeking Sudan
Angola’s Ashes
Oman for All Seasons
The Curious Case of Benjamin Bhutan
Chad Day at Black Rock
The Man in the Iran Mask
Fools Russian
Benin Black
Nepal Joey
3:10 to Uganda
Somalia Came Running
Japan’s Labyrinth
Sudan Impact
Taiwan Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Hello Delhi
The Big Lebanonski
Beirut Force
The Empire Strikes Bactria
His Gaul Friday
Burundi World in Haiti Days
They Died with Their Bhutan
Dutch Soup
Kiev My Regards to Broadway
The Browning Persian
The Ireland of Dr. Moreau
Romancing the Estonian
The Brest Years of Our Lives
Iran Silent, Iran Deep
The Belarus of St. Mary’s
Raging Bolivia
Blazing Saudis
The Ballad of the Chad Cafe
Finn Harm’s Way
Guinea Shelter
Tunis of Glory
My Brilliant Korea
Andorra’s Box
Picnic at Hanging Iraq
Thebes Highway
Algeria the Wrath of God
Wait Until Dakar
Our Man Finn
The Spain Mutiny
House of Sand and Prague
Two for the Rhodesia
True Brit
The Longest Dane
Aruba Runs Through It
Once Gabon a Time in the West
Djibouti and the Beast
Moldova, Darling
On a Clear Day Yukon See Forever
What About Zimbabwe?
The Maldives Falcon
The Men Who Stare at Croats
When Harry Met Saudi
Apocalypse Palau
Senegal and Sensibility
Glasgow on the Hudson
Night of the Uganda
There’s Something About Mauritius
Ride the Wild Serb
Balkan the Wild Side
Bringing Up Babylon
The Odd Kabul
Bell, Book and Canada 
Chariots of √Čire
Doctor Chicago
Suddenly Last Sumer
Who’ll Stop Bahrain
Monty Python’s Armenia of Life
Das Botswana
The Swissfits
Viet Home Alabama
Ukraine Man
No Country for Old Yemen
Children of Paraguay
7 Faces of Dr. Palau
The Bride of Palestine
Provence Upon a Time in America
Same Thai, Next Year
The Hound of the Basquervilles
Two Mules for Sister Sarajevo
The Eritreahouse of the August Moon
Travels with My Antilles
The Greek Gatsby
Istanbul Durham
Ankaraman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
Athens of an Ending
The Talented Mr. Tripoli
Crete Expectations
The Little Murmansk 
To Serb with Love
Seoul Survivor
Howl’s Moving Castile
Tomorrow Navarre Dies
Prague and Prejudice 
East of Edinburgh
Boys Don’t Crimea
The Bruges Brothers
King Congo
Zagrebel without a Cause
Hot Fez
Rome Alone
Bataan Begins
Qatar’s Way
Quebec to the Future
Return of the Jeddah
Godzilla vs. Mecca Godzilla
Lyon in Winter
Dublin Indemnity
Belfast Times at Ridgemont High
Perth of a Nation
Rocky Harare Picture Show
The Legend of Tarzana
Amsterdam Yankees
Ghent Shorty
Kilauea Bill
A Clockwork of Orange
I am Curious Yellowstone 
Coeur d’Alien
The Three Muscat-eers
Quito the City
The Belize of St. Mary’s

The posters are here.