Friday, July 17, 2009

Another one over the side

The Cronk. A shame he couldn't have made it just a few more days to the moon landing anniversary.


John said...

Yo, Rand!
I see you're now among my growing list of "followers" at Hoots' Place. I'm pleased and flattered, but unfortunately no longer able to access my old blog.
Several weeks ago I had a triple catastrophe. I fell for a phishing scam and sent my password and ID to some criminal pretending to be part of the Google Mail Team. As a result my gmail account was hijacked (You probably got a scam request for money if you're email was among my contacts), my account was tagged a spam source.

Oddly enough the "follower" function still works. You're the second such addition to the group since it got frozen.

So my blog is out there in Google purgatory on automatic pilot, with no way for me to touch it. All efforts to reach a human at Google have met with a wall of robotic indifference that would make the CIA envious.

I'm now a contributor at Newshoggers at the invitation of Steve Hynd (aka Cernig). Check it out sometime.

(btw, I finally dropped Elizabeth from the blogroll. In her new digs she is waaaay off from where she once was. She shoulda been a nun anyway.)

Rand Careaga said...

Hey John, if you revisit these precincts--

Why not just start afresh with a new gmail account and a new blogger account, and link "Hootsbuddy II" to "Hoots' Place on Ice" for them as want to comb through the archives?