Friday, July 25, 2008

Graphic design we can believe in

This is by far the finest political poster produced on behalf of an American presidential candidate that I have seen in the 48 years since I first began to pay attention. And then there's...this.

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CRConrad said...

OK, first off, guess who's catching up on all your blog entries... Yeah, it was the Updike link on zIWT that brought me here.

About that McC poster: That's not the side he usually gets snapped from, is it? At least I think he usually prefers to present his other profile. So, can this have been because your Founding Father used to be painted in profile right?

There's something about the whole craggy-brow thing, and how the nose extends just beyond the check, and the effect with the comb-over and the sideburn together somehow evoking one of those silly old wigs...

So, am I just imagining things, or did they photograph him to look like a portrait of George Washington?